Trauma Therapy

In 2015 I was trained in Narrative Exposure Therapy for the treatment of psychological traumatisation.

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)has been developped by the neuropsychologists Neuner, Schauer and Elbert at the University of Constance. It is a treatment for trauma disorders, particularly in individuals suffering from complex and multiple trauma. It has been most frequently used in community settings and with individuals who experienced trauma as result of political, cultural or social forces (such as refugees). Often, small groups of people receive four to 10 sessions of NET together, although it can be provided individually as well. It is understood that the story a person tells himself or herself about their life influences how the person perceives their experiences and wellbeing. Framing one's life story solely around the traumatic experiences leads to a feeling of persistent trauma and distress.

This treatment is conditionally recommended for the treatment of PTSD.